Ashmore Ellis About The Babes Ride Out

Hi! I am Ashmore Ellis, and I was one of the people who started a thing called Babes Ride Out.

I will be writing a monthly column in Hot Bike regarding women who ride. How did I become some sort of authority, you ask? Well, although it seems longer, it was three years ago in 2013 when a friend Anya and I ran into each other at the big Born-Free show. The year prior I had sold her the bike I learned to ride on, which was a Yamaha XS350, and I knew she had recently upgraded to a Harley-Davidson. I was in the same boat, proud owner of a purple Sportster. Anya is a force of energy, kind, humble, and has been riding dirt bikes since the day she could walk. I was gaining my confidence and becoming a better rider every day. We were both fairly new to street riding.

Casual conversation turned into a “girls’ weekend” of motorcycle camping in the desert of Borrego Springs, California. So we planned a weekend in October and set the location to a dry lakebed toward the Salton Sea, unaware that it was technically illegal. Four years later and 1,500 registered attendees later, it seems as if our harebrained idea struck a chord with other women worldwide. Yes, female riders came from the UK, Japan, South Africa, South America, Canada, and all over the United States. It became, what we jokingly called, the United Nation of Babes. It truly is awe-inspiring to see so many ladies excited to be riding.

The events we produce help give ladies the confidence to attend other events outside of what we do with Babes Ride Out. As the percentage of lady attendees has risen at rides, campouts, and socials, women are finding their space within this community and with each other. It’s incredible to watch attendees of our Babes Ride Out events go from online friends with little to no riding miles to real-life riders within a weekend!

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Report by Ashmore Ellis for Hot Bike
Photos by Cindy DuLong

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