BMW R 100 Red Bobber Baron

Another project is born. In April 2018 a BMW R100 based Red Bobber Baron will be born on the custom market.

A project, which is based on the Triplane pilot Manfred von Richthofen and his centenary of death. At the same time it is neither a glorification of him, nor of his actions or war in general. It is more a glorification of a gentlemen agreement, all pilots of World War I made. They tried to preserve dignity and decency in tough times. Furthermore the plane itself, a triplane, painted in red is worth it, to include its details into a customized bike. The former BMW R100 will be changed in several aspects.

The bike will be built by SAS GmbH, a German company, which is specialized on building prototypes and custom bikes. The Red Bobber Baron features a covered trapeze suspension fork, handlebars in wing look, a 18L coffin-tank, three-piece disk wheels and a tailplanefin looked mudguard in the back. After its finish, a road-trip accompanied by a film crew, from Berlin to its crashing place, Vaux-sur-Somme, in France is planned. A great idea, with a hopefully even greater implementation. Have a look at the visualized prototype.

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