Boat Meets Bike: VTR Custom’s 110

As official BMW dealer, we forsee a good future for Brickstone K’s customization, since the 2 valve boxers getting more expensive and harder to find every year.

So after sverela custom K’s from us (last one was X-Scram), we deiced to build an extensive custom bricktone with a very slim and low line. We have started the project later in 2016. By chance we did get the opportunity to show our work and alloy craftmanship  at testdays from one of the best wooden boat builder – the Boesch Boote in Kilchberg, Lake of Zürich (not far from us) and We became very fast friends with their boat builders, which basically are building a beautifull wooden boat out of a tree.  Overwelmed from this art, we have been all very clear on the overall design and name of our K100 project. It must have the shape of a boat or torpedo, it MUST have real wooden apllications like a Boesch boat deck and the name was born too…..  almost….

Boesch Boats did have some legal discussion with the german BOSCH company back in the 50’s because oft he naming (originally Bösch Boote at that time). So they have agreed to change their name from Bösch to Boesch and have signed a contract to only build boats and nothing else. So to avoid legal discussions, Markus Boesch came up with naming of which matches even better our project, since bös stands for „mean“ and ch of course for Switzerland. On top we have studied their boats quite a bit and came to the „feets“ length in the namings – so also clear, our K100 must have something similar – „ 110“  was born!

After the first handmade alloy front fairing did have the low torpedo line, but was too wide, we have a build a second one to get the real slim line we where looking for. Once this was finished, we built a short and low alloy tail helping to optically covert he rear down chasis line and to also manage to get the pretty wide rear fram oft he K to look slim and streamlined. The gas tank was kept in its shape and front fairing as well as the also hand made side covers did get the slight „nose down“ effect we wanted to have.

The biggest (and most expensive) challenge was the real wood boat deck applications on our handmade alloy pieces. Boatbuilder Domenic Roner from Boesch Boats worked several weeks on this *f…**“ small pieces, only 2 to 3mm thick wood pieces and of course if we make handmade alloy fairings, nothing was really flat or in 90.0° angles. We already tought he is going to kill us when we show up the next time! But as a Swiss you never loose pacience. So the costs oft he wooden deck pieces will stay a secret between Boesch and us……. And by the way: of course the wooden pieces where getting the standard Boesch 15 level of high gloss painting!

Since we spend quite some time on the painting scheme, it took us quit a bitt o get the final and right decision on that.  After visting a historic Jaguar exhibtion in Switzerland, I was very clear about the very classy and dark blue, combined with ivory whiet and brushed alloy to show our alloy work. After painting several samples, Freuler paint shop from Benken did match my pictures in my head and we did get the perfect colour scheme for our 110.  And of course, all logos and pinstripes are handpainted by Johanna Vogelsang and our upholstery, Yves Knobel did find the right leather and lines fort he seat covering.

People who know us, have already an understanding of our Swiss watchmaker „soul“ for details. So of course we did customize a Voltmetrer face to get the logo on it. Boesch classic Boats did help us with original switching knobs (we wanted to have « ICE »c and windshield whipers) from their 70’s boats and real chrome « hooks » b from their boats and as a special gift, they provided us lasered metal logos’ with instead of Boesch, but with original lettering.

The « fat » (rather high) vintage tyres supported the low-flat line and the custom fitted downpipe and muffler from UniT Garage did help to not destroy « light tail » look. Magura HC1 brake pumps and tomasseli throttle levers where also fitted to get it clean.

So we thinks, the oveall line of the bike, the real wooden handcrafted boat „decks“  and the in house made details turnde out to become one oft he most radical K brickstones who where latley preseted.


  • Basis: BMW K100 RT, year 1985
  • Alloy parts: Handmade by VTR Customs (tail, front fairing, side covers)
  • Wooden parts : handmade by Boesch Boats Switzerland, Domenic Roner
  • Seat : handmade by VTR Customs and Yves Knobel seat covers
  • Wheels : BMW Standard
  • Tyres: Front : Firestone De Luxe 4.50 x18 Rear : Lester 5.50 x 17
  • Brakes : Magura HC1 pump and Discs : BMW Standard
  • Exhaust : UniT Garage custom fitted by VTR Customs
  • Engine, Gearbox and drive: Standard BMW
  • Rear Shock absorber and front Fork, BMW standard
  • Handlebar: ABM Vario Clip
  • Speedometer unit: Motogadget motoscope mini
  • Voltmeter: BMW with customized face and scale by Zeitzone Zürich (my watchmaker)
  • Electrical Swicthes: Knob Switches Vintage by Boesch Classic Boats
  • Gas tank cap: VTR Customs adapter and Monza cap.
  • Painting: Dark blue plain and Ivory white by Paint Shop Freuler, Benken
  • Logos and lines: hand painted by Johanna Vogelsang

Bike is on sale for  39‘000.- CHF

  • buyer will have to sign a contract which allows to show the bike at  BMW days in Garmisch, as well as at Glemseck 101.


More information / Report by

Photographer / Andri Margadant

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