Boxy Lights Included: Electric Midnight Runner

If you attended the Motorbike Expo di Verona show last weekend, you might have encountered this beauty in Energica’s stand.
If not, here it is. It’s called the Midnight Runner, and it represents the result of a collaboration between Energica and Apache Custom Motorcycles.

The custom machine started life as an Energica Eva, where Apache then transformed it into the beauty you see here. The tuner stripped the bike off of all plastic parts and created a rather unique new body shell for it.

It is amazing to see what a nice motorcycle the custom Eva turned out, giving the fact that the two companies are so different. On one hand, we got Energica with its new-age styling and electronics, while on the other hand, we have Apache Custom Motorcycles that is more inclined to oldschool, analog, and rock.

The bike now beautifully combines flat surfaces with rounded shapes, and you can particularly see this in the way the seat continues its lines into the fuel tank which is getting toned down by the rounded fairing and the bubble windshield.

Those boxy headlights might at first look out of the overall theme, but the more you stare at the front end of the bike, the more you start to like their oddity. At least that’s how it worked for me.

Anyway, being an Energica Eva underneath that custom work, the bike doesn’t just look good, it also goes fast. The electric motor and battery pack allow it to go up to a limited 200 km/h (124 mph) top speed. It comes with four riding modes as well as four regenerative braking maps plus a park assistant. Range in ECO mode is said to be as high as 200 km (124 miles).

Report by autoevolution