Clean Flat Head: VTR Customs’ Flachkopf 7

After presenting Daniel’s private R65 „Willoughby 65“ last year, the guys at VTR Customs where sure to continue our „as clean as possible“ design on 2 valve boxers. But this time the aim was to build a flat tracker, since they did only a Yamaha XS 650 Flatty up until today .

The donnor bike was quickly found when a 75 year old client who decides to stop motorbike riding asked for selling his oldy. As BMW dealer, VTR customs did this for sure and very quick (cash). The R75/7 was the ideal donor bike… let’s just hope the gentleman does not read custom magazines as Daniel promised him to treat his lady with respect.

A super clean Flat Tracker to us meant: very small and ultra slim tank, no. plates front squared and small side no. plates. Additionally, a flatty handelbar, everything whichs is not absolutely necessary was striped away and reduced to the bare minimum.  And of course, racing shock absorbers from Öhlins had to be added, as well as a custom made exhaust system etc.

Dani told us that the bike’s name was an easy job this time: “We have called the XS650 „flat head“ and since this one is a Bavarian bike, it should be the German “Flachkopf” instead of flat head. The bike is /7 so easy going so „Flachkopf 7“ was an obvious choice.”

A Kawasaki KH125 gas tank in very bad shape was sourced from ebay – prefect for the idea. It had been repaird, custom cutted and fitted to the BMW chassis before a „visual fule gauge“ at the rear end was added and the gas cap was replaced by a tiny flat line custom cap from a HD customizer. The rear tail was also created by hand as were the custom and small no.plates front and side.

Lights needed to be integrated as invisible as possible to make it a visual race bike but safe and legal for street usage. Just on the exhaust side it was clear that VTR Customs needed to build a custom downpipe and exhaust to ensure the “away from average” design. The lucky buyer of the bike will get a street legal 2in exhaust system from Hattech in black.

Enginewise, everything was stripped to a minimum and the electrical system was build from scratch in order to use as little space as possible and making all wiring almost invisible. Dani used the Motogadget Motoscope min for this specific reason.  Since the handlebar should get the same radical racing/clean look as „Willoughy 65“, Motogadget micro switches were used as well as a Magura HC1 brakepump and a Tomasselli throttle lever.  Apart from that, the engine was left unouched in order to stay within the budget…

Obviously VTR Customs are into classical britsich coulours at the moment, so the colour scheme was pretty clear: dark bourgundy red with ivory white and silver. Dani spent again quite some time  and samples to get that classy  vintage colour scheme. Logos and lines were hand-painted by Johanna Vogelsang. For the seat cover, it was opted for a light brown and punctured leather to get that racy look. It was made again by Yves Knobel.

Overall, the Flachkopf 7 is a very clean and “quiet”  looking Flat Tracker R75 with details which one could only see, if he/she  does have “an eye” for details and old BMW Boxers. That’s Dani’s undersanding of Swiss understatement.

  • Basis: BMW R75/7  Year 1978
  • Engine: Standard
  • Exhaust: VTR handmade 2in2 downpipe and custom Mufflers (street legal Hattech for buyer)
  • Throttle: Short Gas Grip Tomasselli
  • Brakepump: Magura HC1
  • Handlebar Switch: Motogadget Micro
  • Fork: Standard BMW
  • Shock Absrobers: ÖHLINS
  • Seat : handmade by VTR Cuszoms and Yves Knobel seat covers
  • Tyres: Dunlop DT3, 130/80-19 and 130/80-18
  • Gas Tank: Kawasaki KH125 by VTR Customs (and Gauge tube, flat cap etc.), Tacho: Motogadget motoscope mini
  • Gearbox and drive: Standard BMW
  • Handlebar: Brat Style
  • Painting: by Freuler, Benken
  • Logos: handpainted by Johanna Vogelsang

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Photos by / Andri Margadant