Cruiser Turned Cafe Racer: Zeus Custom Rebel Racer

Last Fall, Honda released their new Rebel of the motorcycle series, which was based on the 250cc and 450cc version of the 80s.

They created a Cruiser with 50cc on top for each of the former versions, so they come cup with 300cc and 500cc. Zeus Customs based in Bangkok gave the 300cc version a total makeover and replaced it in the category café racer. To achieve this goal, they lowered the front forks, modified the gas tank and in order to transfer the cruiser lines into café recer lines, they created a completely new subframe. For a smooth riding an Öhlins monoshock suspension replaced the twin shock. A nice tasteful leather seat covers the battery and new custom 17” laced wheels with Heinena K60 knobbed tires make this former cruiser to an absolutely new benchmark in the category of the café racer. Have a look at the sick pictures.

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