Designed For The Retro-Oriented Rider: Dainese x MrMartini Special Jacket & Motorcycle

Dainese has joined forces with international motorcycle customizer MrMartini to create new heritage garments as well as the matching Diavoletto prototype motorcycle.

Both were presented at the recent Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy and look gorgeous if you are a retro-oriented rider.

Dainese and MrMartini share the values of the Italian spirit, passion, and craftsmanship, along with the capability of creating unique and distinguishing products. The Speciale name comes from MrMartini’s Verona café, a meeting point for all who share the passion for two wheels. The café is located next to the lab where Nicola Martini brings his creations to life.

Each garment from the Speciale theme is gifted wit ha graphic that reads out the following message: “This story speaks Italian, and it means passion. Passion for the future, for two wheels, for freedom, and for one’s own work. This story is about style and protection, friendship and knowhow. This special jacket and special motorcycle are there, inviting you to hit the road, because while a journey may only last a few miles, it can tell the story of a lifetime—a special story.”

The Speciale Leather Jacket is a full-grain cowhide garment created for street riders. It is also vat-dyed and subjected to a particular wax-based finish for a distinguished retro appearance.

Removable certified Dainese Pro-Armor protection on the shoulders and elbows are also part of the jacket’s features. A back-protector pouch is present too so that you can fit it with optional protection. The collection is completed by other Speciale garments including a sweatshirt and a T-shirt.

But the most eye-catching piece of the whole Speciale theme is the Diavoletto prototype. Based on a Zaeta 530 DT, MrMartini made it unique through a saddle made out of the same leather as the jacket. It comes complete with a classic racer-like fairing, bubble-windshield, wire wheels, low clip-on bars and a custom exhaust.

The items from the Speciale project will be on sale in Dainese shops beginning in April, at the price of $649.95 for the Speciale Leather Jacket, $89.95 for the sweatshirt, and $44.95 for the T-shirt. Sadly, the Diavoletto is not for sale.

Report by autoevolution

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