Designed To Ride In: Dixxon Flannel Company

Coming straight out of Phoenix, Arizona, is a clothing company run by Dan Dreyer who has dedicated himself to making proper riding flannel shirts.

With Dan being a life-long rider and working in a myriad of H-D dealerships, he quit his day job and decided to make a riding flannel with a fit and finish like no other.

What’s different about Dixxon, you say? These shirts have been designed to ride in.

The patterns have been modified to have longer sleeves, extra width in the back, and longer shirttails. All colorways of the Dixxon flannels are designed in-house, and every run of Dixxon flannels are a limited edition, meaning once they are sold out they are gone forever. With names like the Outlaw, Southie, Saint, Brawler, and Boneless these flannels are not your dad’s plaid shirts. Check them out at

Report by Hot Bike
Photos by Jeff G. Holt

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