Diamond Atelier’s Latest Monument: DA#9T

Usually when people call to seek information about our brand or a potential project they would like to start with us, they like to talk first. Often about their ideas for the build, their motorcycling past, riding style and current bike inventory.

I’ve heard this monologue countless times and only in the rarest occasions it eventually leads to an order placement.

But every once in a while you receive a phone call which you don’t really know how to handle. It was one of these when I first spoke to the soon to be client for our DA#9T build. All he knew was that we wanted a BMW boxer engine with an aggressive yet elegant shell around it and with no further questions asked, he ordered. He simply said “I never take long to decide. If I feel something is right, I do it”.


We quickly realized that in addition to the demand for a boxer engine a significant other customer wish was increased performance – in all variations imaginable. That’s when a classic BMW went out of the picture, pretty much leaving us with two options: the R1200R and a RnineT. Eventually we chose the letter, as we already made great experience with this donor on our DA#4 BMW RnineT. To ramp up the power output, we sent off the engine to boxer specialist Andreas Reh from Rehcing, who was highly recommended to us from all directions. He made sure we received a reliable big-bored 1400cc engine back, expecting around 145HP of power. Before putting it on the dyno we took care of a custom open air box accommodating a K&N filter and a titanium Remus free flow header connected to a Spark muffler.

In order to handle the additional power, the suspension set up was set to the same high standard. The DA#9T runs a full Wilbers ZF fork setup with a custom machined upper triple clamps up front (of course with a 0.20 carat diamond set into it) and a matching Wilbers Blackline rear shock in the back together with an AC Schnitzer paralever strut. The handlebars are fully adjustable ABM Multiclips and to match the new seating position the rear sets were replaced by products from AC Schnitzer. After consulting with a befriended professional racing rider, the stock braking system was considered sufficient so the only upgrades were custom steel braided brake lines from ABM connected to an adjustable Spiegler radial pump. Lastly to avoid wiggling handlebars at high speeds a Wilbers steering damper was added.

The most striking feature visually are the BST full carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Pirelli Supercorsa SP2 semi slick tires to reduce the unsprung mass of the bike.

In terms of looks it was our main goal to give the RnineT completely different proportions than what people are used to see – even within the numerous custom builds. The new-school trellis frame allowed us to visibly incorporate it into the gas tank design. To make it stand out even more, we completely cleaned the front frame piece and painted it in the bike’s secondary color. The gas tank itself is hand built, hiding all electronics and other crucial but unsightly stuff underneath it. The tail is custom built as well to flow with the RnineT middle frame construction and supporting a hand- sewed Nubuk leather seat. The short rear frame gives the bike an overall front-heavy feel, which just adds to the aggressive stance we aimed for.

The piece we are most proud of are our own signature valve covers that were specifically machined for this bike. This is a prototype set we created together with Simon Dabadie from DAB Design. The pure lack of good looking valve covers for modern BMW boxers made us produce some from scratch, even shaving off some weight in comparison to the stock set. These covers shine another light on the RnineT approach, giving it a dark and urban styling – especially when anodized black like on the DA#9T. The covers can be pre-ordered exclusively through us and will be produced and shipped out during summer.


  • Year of production: 2016
  • Capacity: 1400cc
  • Power output: 145HP
  • Weight: 170kg


  • Rehcing 1400cc big bore kit
  • Remus titanium free flow headers
  • Spark titanium exhaust
  • Custom air box with K&N filter
  • Pressure flow oil cooler
  • Reprogrammed ECU unit
  • Dynoed at 145HP at the rear wheel running on regular 95 octane fuel


  • Wilbers ZF full fork setup
  • Wilbers steering damper
  • Wilbers Blackline rear shock
  • BST carbon fiber wheels
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SP2 semi slick tires
  • ABM Multiclip fully adjustable handle bars
  • ABM custom steel braided brakelines
  • Spiegler radial brake pump
  • Spiegler radial clutch pump
  • AC Schnitzer fully adjustable paralever strut
  • AC Schnitzer fully adjustable rear sets


  • Custom gas tank
  • Custom rear frame
  • Custom front fender
  • Custom machined upper triple clamp
  • Modified main frame
  • Diamond Atelier CNC-machined valve covers
  • CNC-machined alternator cover
  • Genuine cowhide leather seat
  • 0.20 carat diamond set into upper triple clamp


  • Custom wiring harness
  • Motogadget Motoscope Pro
  • Motogadget bar end indicators
  • ABM switches
  • Lithium Ion battery

The bike is approved by the German TÜV and thus fully street legal.


Report By Diamond Atelier
Photos By Lukas Magerl

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