DK’s Sportster By Young Guns Speed Shop

When the owner of the Ace Cafe in Lucerne, Switzerland got in touch with YGSS, asking if they could build a bike for him, the guys suggested a 1999 Harley-Davidson Sportster for its be ridability, performance and good looks, as they have built many „Sportys“ before, a 1200 carburetor Sportster was the obvious choice.

Dany is a big fan of 1970ies Husqvarnas of which we a collection, but a two-stroke would have never been an option for him as a daily ride.

So it all started with an 1974 CR250 spare tank and, in order to make it fit and low enough, a new tunnel and space for the rocker covers had to be created.

Additionally, fender struts on the frame had been cut and and all unnecessary brakets were cleant before building the oil tank with tubes going thru it to cool it. The electricity and li-ion battery are hidden in a little box below the gear box.

To give it that 70ies dirt bike look and feeling when riding it, YGSS have used a Fehling dirtbike handlebar. The brake-, clutch-lever and the throttle are made by Magura and used on most of the old dirtbikes. The electronic switches and speedo were sourced from Motogadget.

To keep the handlebar clean, YGSS have mounted the brake cylinder below the tank connected to the lever with a cable.

The rims got an obvious powder coat treatment, the seat and pussy pad are made by Yves Knobel leather works and include a well hidden rear light.

The paint job was done by Beni Bosshard and the drawings by Atelier Zweilicht.

To make the bike run better, a Mikuni flat slide carb, screaming eagle ignition, new cams and open air filter were used and some work on the exhaust has been done.

The bike is superfun to ride and when you take a seat on it, it really feels a riding an old badass dirtbike. We are sure, Dany likes his new toy.

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Photos by Lorenz Richard


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