French Stunner: 1970 Velocette Venom

Arrival at the store of a Velocette Venom 1970. A machine jealously kept for many years in Paris, displaying very few kilometers since its restoration in 2005 by Roland Chatokhine, who we no longer introduce.

Our friend Claude, his owner, a talented machinist, offered it two beautiful foundry parts to ventilate the brakes, « homemade » adjustable handlebars, a new clutch, an electronic ignition and an Alton generator.

What surprises us with Claude’s motorcycle, as often with Velocette, is the softness of the controls, particularly that of the clutch, its very precise braking, and the lightness of the rolling chassis, its maneuverability and its driving position rather comfortable.
Surprised, because it must be said that it was a hell of a time that we had not « tapped » a pearl on the Velocette market.

The engine of this Venom is pure happiness, you never are on the wrong gear, and it revs without difficulty from low RPMs with only a thread of gas.
In short, a smooth engine, breathing deeply and powerfuly!

However, a good revision is necessary, because this old English, Thruxton Veeline alike, hasn’t been on the road for some time now, our tests this morning aside.
On deck then, next week, to present it soon at the store, in its satin gray-blue dress.




Report by Legend Motors Lille

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