Fully CE Rated Denim: Saint’s Model 1

Saint's Model 1 can withstand almost six seconds of sliding
Australian denim brand Saint is back, following up their Unbreakable denim with the Model 1 jeans. Their Unbreakable denim pants could withstand a slide on asphalt for 3.75 seconds (compared to the 0.4 seconds of normal denim), which fell short of the four seconds required to meet CE level 1 safety regulations. Their new Model 1? 5.9 seconds.

Saint claim that their Unbreakable Model 1 jeans are the first, single layer jeans to meet CE level 1 safety standards. This means they deliver incredible abrasion resistance without having to rely on kevlar panels lining the interior, which add bulk and weight and decrease mobility and comfort.

The Model 1 are constructed using a double warp beam to blend the world’s strongest fiber, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene [UHMWPE], and cotton into a denim that’s 15 times stronger than carbon steel but still light enough to float on water. They come with CE level 1 armor at the knee and CE level 2 in the hips, and are finished with triple-stitched seams to keep them together should you go down. They also include accordion stretch panels, as has become a trend as of late, which I absolutely love because they help keep the armor in place and make riding pants much more comfortable.

The Model 1’s retail for $350 in both a straight leg and boot leg cut. While not what you’d call cheap, they come in under other motorcycle denim which can retail for $500-$600, and match what many of REV’IT’s riding jeans go for.

Now, obviously there are more things that are important in a crash besides just abrasion resistance. The armor in the knees isn’t as great as it could be, and denim transfers more heat than leather does in the event of a slide. But then again, I’m the guy who pulls the armor out of my knees because the CE Level 2 stuff included in most hurts after a few hours on the bike.

Motorcycle denim will likely never replace leather riding pants in terms of safety, however these would have pretty much saved me completely when I was hit by a car earlier this year.


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Report by Sean MacDonald for Cycle World

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