Great Kevlar Jeans Alternative: Bowtex Kevlar Leggins

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There was a time in everyones life, where a leggings was the worst thing to ware.

But most of the time it was the mothers will to do so. Some years later you ride your motorbike in spring or in autumn and you miss the warm feeling under your wind permeable trousers. Bowtex lately presented the Bowtex Kevlar Leggings.

They are made out of 55% Kevlar, 25% Protex and 20% Cotton mix. While allowing a constant air circulation and the highest possible comfort, it also prevents from abrasion and fire. In addition to an extra layer of 100% Kevler at the risk zones hips, knees and bum to withstand several seconds of sliding over tarmac, it also features built-in pockets on knees and hips for CE approved D30 protectors.

The Kevlar Leggings starts at 159€ and is available in sizes from S to XXXL. Safety and warmth are the most important things in biking. This is a perfect combination of both.

Check them out here.


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