The Internally Sprung Revolution: John Harman’s Spirder Chopper

John Harman (and I believe, brothers Harry & Bill Holland) in the early days of H & H Cycle which was born from John Harman’s revolutionary design for an internally sprung girder that was not only easy on the eyes– the performance and quality far exceeded what was commonly found on the market at that time, setting a new standard that others tried to followed– but there really was no other like Harman.

H & H Cycle began building the front end with John Harman handling welding duties, Harry Holland doing machine work, and Bill on assembly. After working out all the details of manufacturing the front end, H & H started the process of patenting the front end. In May of 1973 the Harman Front End was patented. Just one year later after an internal difference of opinions, Harry Holland transferred his partnership to his Brother Bill and left the company. Bill took over building front ends and John Harman moved on to building frames, again revolutionizing design and quality to a new standard. Years later John Harman boosted power & performance by building his own 120 cubic inch Harley replacement engines, and changed the game again. He invented the pro-street / pro-stock / chopper category, no one else was doing anything like him.

“John built his first Harley right before we got married. He built it in the living room of the house I had, and pushed it out the front door. His favorite thing to do was build motorcycles, of course. He thought about motorcycles all the time. He kept a pad and pencil right by the bed, because he’d dream about it and wake up and draw out whatever he dreamed about.” – Anita Harman (John’s wife)

“Instead of having your springs and clutter exposed up here, John cleaned everything up and the springs were hidden inside the bottom tube. That’s what put him on the map. There wasn’t another one (front end) out there like that. It was superior… we’d road race these babies!” – Harry Holland

Today Executive Choppers is home to the Harman-Holland Internally Sprung Girder front end, which brings the classic Harman design into the modern age.

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