João’s Bike: Moto Guzzi By Redonda Motors

I always liked Italian motorcycles, I think they are different from all others.

For me, the Italian motorcycle must have some fine lines, should have style, must be fast and invoke the races. Thus, thinking about it, it appears this Moto Guzzi mille.

The engine of this bike was quite tuned to make it lighter and much faster. When the flywheel has been removed it about 1.4kg and current through distribution system was replaced by a gear system. This change does not give more hp to the engine but radically alters its behavior. Now the engine is up to speed very quickly as a real race bike. The old carburetors Dellorto 36 were replaced by a modern race, Keihin FCR 40. To facilitate maintenance, I put a kit to make external the oil filter.

To make driving easier I introduce a Hebo hydraulic pump to the clutch system.

All electrical parts of the bike have been changed and updated. I used an M-unit to the main wiring harness, a Dyna III electronic ignition, Dyna coils 3 Ohms, a new alternator and rectifier, a lithium ion battery and Motogadget components.

The exhausts are made of stainless steel and have been studied, designed and built to take the best performance of this engine and create a beautiful bass sound.

The fuel tank of the bike has been changed until the race looks like I intended. The fuel caps are inspired by the resistance bikes. The backet and seat is all new, and its main lines were taken from the fuel tank. The rear light is inspired by the Italian sports cars of the 80s. To improve driving of this motorcycle, the suspension and braking system have changed.

In the rear suspension I used a damper ohlins and in front a Showa. The rear brake is stock, but at the front were used a 6-piston calipers with a Nissin radial pump 21mm and a 330mm discs able to stop this bike in any scheme.

To keep some unique style, I kept the same wheels and tires the same measures. The front optic used is unconventional in this type of motorcycle but was used to give a different look. The small front carnage was created to involve the optics of the front part of the bike. The color scheme was designed is based on the colors of the brand and the need to create something discreet to bring out the rest of the bike.

The final result was much better than I expected. The bike goes and hangs well, up to speed very quickly. It is a very addictive motorbike. It has style and phenomenal lines.

A true example of what should be an Italian bike.

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Report By João Barranca