Meet The Green Beret … A Custom R100R By Blitz Motorcycles

Shot with DXO ONE Camera
This bike used to be a genuine BMW R100R from 1994. When the guys at Blitz Motorcycles received it, they immediately thought of turning it into something more aggressive, something which could have been used by the "Green Beret" special forces.

The outcome is is something that would definitely fit there, especially with the Vintage Honda CB 125 SS tank painted in green to match with the “military” spirit of this bike.

Features / changes:

– Mat kaki green powder coating of the frame, footpegs and side stand;

– shiny black powder coating of all engine covers, fork legs, triple trees, handlebar and wheels;

– Avon AV45 tyres for both rear and front wheels.

– Fully reconditioned engine (pistons, rings, gaskets, etc…);

– brand new TCI / AC-CDI ignition system installed;

– high temperature  mat black painting of the engine.

– Ceramic black painting of the whole exhaust system (pipes + muffler);

– muffler by Hattech.

– Vintage square headlight (ex-additional light for rallye cars used in the 70’s);

– inside mirror of this headlight dyed in green… and why not?

– Fully reconditioned and re-jetted Bing carburetors;

– K&N air filters;

– ceramic black painting of top and cup of the carburetors.

– Bespoke rear loop welded on the frame, and hosting both tail and stop lights (made of LED);

– bespoke seat designed to match the rear loop.

– Vintage Triumph handlebar;

– Blitz Motorcycles mini switches screwed to the handlebar and connected to the fully re-built electric wiring.


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