Miranda Kerr & The Vintage Honda

Top Model Miranda Kerr posed in a photo shoot for sexual Publishing “Net-A-Porter”, sitting on a custom-bike Honda Superhawk.
The ex-wife of British actor Orlando Bloom, the 31-year-old Australian first sat behind the wheel at the age of five years. She grew up on a farm in Gunnedah, Australia, where often rides a little Peewee 50 bike. “Driving motorcycle is an amazing feeling, a sense of freedom,” – explains Miranda.

Miranda is a versatile personality. She works not only as a model, but also received a medical degree. As for her motorcycle life, the girl learned the moto techniques from his father, who owned a variety of motorcycles and even a professional motorcycle racer. Not entirely clear whether is now Miranda?

In the shooting, gorgeous model Miranda is posing on what we think is a classic Honda Superhawk and she actually gets running for a couple of seconds. However, Miranda admits it’s not quite the motorcycle she would ride: “This one is cool, but it’s a little bigger than I would personally ride, but I don’t mind the weight of it.”

Report by Radek for Bike Glam

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