New Indian Apparel Range For 2017

Thought last year’s apparel offering from Indian Motorcycle was wide-ranging?
Well, 2017 will bring even more, coming with a lineup that has everything from a cushion to a slap koozie; you know, that piece of material you ‘slap’ around a can of beer to keep it cool and your hand warm.

Drawing on Indian’s heritage while meeting modern-day needs, the apparel and gifts lineup for 2017 combines style with functionality. Another important aspect is the introduction of boots to the range for the first time. They are made in conjunction with Red Wing Shows and come in two styles – men and women.

The ‘Casualwear’ line has been expanded too, gaining the Men’s Fashion Fit collection consisting of six T-shirts. They feature slimmer shoulders and sleeves to fit closer to the body than other styles in the range. Moreover, the fit narrows down gradually from the underarm to the bottom hem, making them sleeker and highlighting your arm muscles.

How big is the T-shirt range, you ask? There are 19 new styles for men, out of which four are long-sleeved, and 13 new ones for women, five of which come with long sleeves. Jacket wise, four new casual jackets have been introduced, called the Scout, the 1901, the Oscar, and Frontier.

If that’s not enough, wait until you get to the accessories and gifts section, which gained new vintage-styled merchandise. A range of Indian necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even belt buckles are on the menu along a new category called ‘Man Cave, Garage & Outdoors.’ Here you can find neat items such as mugs, wall clocks, metal signs and even a cushion.

A new Indian book has been released with the occasion too, featuring the story of the brand from its beginning to present day in over 224 pages and 300 images, all wrapped in nice hardbound covers. For the rest of the items you can get, go visit the official Apparel & Gifts line-up here.

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Report by Gabriel Brindusescu for autoevolution

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