New Issue: CRAFTRAD N°7 – UrbanPlayground

The new Custom scene has formed itself in the urban areas, searching for the freedom of the open roads, but style is defined in the heart of the cities. In this issue, CRAFTRAD is back to its roots. Machines for metropolises, the urban playfields of Tokyo, Taipei, San Francisco, Hamburg, London, Atlanta…

The East is black: Rough Crafts Taiwan

Winston Yeh is the most well-known bike-builder from Taiwan. In his workshop Rough Crafts, he builds bikes in a new-oldshool-style – black authorities called Stealth Bullet or Bomb Runner.

Low-key in perfection: Auto Fabrica

On the other side of the world, the London-based guys from Auto Fabrica count on the fine art of simplicity – art based on reduction and maybe the most elegant custom bikes of today.

Don’t fuck with these! – BMW-Chopper-Counterculture

Michi Wegener has documented Hamburg’s rocker-culture of the 1970s. All kinds of spectacular BMW-Choppers.

One Wheel Bad: Spencer Murphy

London’s periphery sets the stage for Spencer Murphy and his unemotionally-cool pictures of a youth.

E like in E-Motorcycles

CRAFTRAD showcases five E-Motorcycle manufacturers approaching the future of mobility with vastly different concepts.

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Report by glorious motorcycles for CRAFTRAD
Photos by CRAFTRAD