No Bullshit: REVIT Alpha RF Pant

REVIT has used New York neighborhoods as product names for years—see: the Redhook, the Williamsburg and the Flatbush jackets. But if any product is deserving of NYC nomenclature, it’s this new Alpha RF pant.

First of all, it’s available in a no-frills, all-black black option. That’s as NYC 101 as avoiding eye contact on the subway.

Next, these pants are thankfully totally devoid of conspicuous branding—a notable show of constraint for any Euro brand. (Bravo, REVIT!) We also carry the Alpha in tan, which is equally low key and looks like a cross between a khaki and a Carhartt.

And the fit? Fughetaboutit . The design of this pant is just as “no-bullshit” as its refreshing lack of branding—it has a straight leg, a slightly higher rise in the back and is cut slim, but not skinny.

It’s perfectly suited to trotting down subway station stairs or pulling all-day double-duty in an office, or on a job site. And on the bike, a subtly gusseted crotch panel provides just enough to make the pant more comfortable in the saddle, yet is hardly perceptible when walking around in civilian life.

New York City has 6,000-some-odd miles of roadway, the majority of which is governed by a 25-mph speed limit. So the need for sheer abrasion resistance is somewhat less here (or in any congested urban environment). The need for armor remains, of course, even at slower speeds—think: city sewer grates, swerving cabs, streets lined with chopped up pavement or slimy cobblestones.

The Alphas deliver both impact and abrasion resistance.

For armor, the Alpha gets the incredibly thin yet somehow still CE-Level-1-Rated SeeSmart knee protectors, included. Complementary hip protectors are $20 extra, and highly advisable. You’ll hardly know they’re there.

Abrasion-resistance duties come courtesy of REVIT’s proprietary PowerShield, a sort of aramid fiber that they claim performs better than leather in a slide. This wunder-knit is located discreetly at the seat and the knees of the pants.

The shell material of Alpha is no sacrificial lamb, either. Cut from 10oz Cordura Denim with a slight stretch to it. It’s also got some Coolmax worked into the fabric, to help keep things cool. All exterior seams are triple stitched for added seam-burst strength—something a lot of other companies ought to take note of.

Abrasion resistance here is on par with any other casual crossover pant we carry—except maybe the double Dyneema-knee/seat $450 Rokker Chino, which also accommodates beefier armor.

One last feature worth mentioning is the reflective strip sewn into the outside seam, for a little bit of extra visibility when cuffed. Extra reflection is good, of course, but this feature threatens to spill the beans on otherwise totally clandestine moto pant. If it bothers you, simply spend $10 and have the pants hemmed.

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