This One Has It All: L’Etonnante Custom BMW

The ‘L’Etonnante’ custom BMW motorcycle by St Brooklyn combines a vintage-style and contemporary minimalist finishes with race-winning performance. Based on a classic 1955 BMW ‘2 series’, this bike from the brittany-based garage’s name translates to ‘surprising’, highlighting its performance capabilities and unique design.

Starting with the frame from a 1955 BMW ‘2 series’ motorbike, St. Brooklyn polished and restored it to its former glory, with each surface elegantly flowing into the next. The frame was then finished in a sophisticated, natural grey color to enhance the viewer’s perception of each curved form. The metal tank is hand-shaped and features exposed welding, contrasting the frame by introducing raw surface textures. Most of the fittings and fixtures are finished in brass adding to the traditional aesthetic. Befitting of a race motorcycle, the ‘L’Etonnante’ proudly wears a numberplate with the number ‘one’ peaking through in brass-mesh, giving a subtle nod to its performance capabilities.

The distinct lines of the steel tank built under the golden section merge with brass and dark brown leather, plus the bike saddle was handmade in france and dates back to 1930. This combination of high-quality materials brings an air of prestige to the bike, plus creates a timeless-style. The ‘L’Etonnante’ combines three different motorcycle motors from the 1980’s, while blending raw metal textures with brass badges and black paint.

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Photos by Laurent Nivalle, Vincent Paulic and Gilles Kergadallan

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