Recommended Gear: Suus 3066 Road Denim

Suus’ 3066 Road Denim is the first of its kind to feature 14oz UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), the key ingredient in order to create an essential riding gear item that boasts great looks and high tech protection.

UHMWPE is a high-tech, abrasion resistant material that can be woven into other materials to create a super strong abrasion barrier. By combining UHMWPE with black 14oz denim Suus have been able to replicate a straight leg, single layer jean design that wears and stretches just like your favorite pair of denim. The material has been specially developed to make it highly resistant to rubbing, tearing and even penetrating objects. Breathable, water repellant, lightweight and durable, easily hugging the body. No special maintenance care is needed. We can’t wait to try these on.

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