Ritmo Veloce By Officine Rossopuro

This motorcycle comes from an old Moto Guzzi California T3. The name RITMO VELOCE(Rhythm Fast) commemorates its nature, a bike built to go fast, with a TONTI of always precise and stable Guzzi frame with more modern and better suspension tires allow him to maintain a "FRitmo Veloce". Up the winding roads of the mountains as well as on the straights.

The idea was to have a very special classic but at the same time with the most modern solutions and with a sporty and compact look. That is why the first decision was to use the 17 “wheels, with the rear rubber increased by 160. In addition, the spoked wheels are a new patent, which involves the use of old Guzzi hubs to make Tubeless spoke wheels aluminum. This has naturally resulted in the construction of a rear swing arm increased. The second thing was the fairing of the front fork, which might give the front design low and full appearance. Entire body then followed this idea, trying to keep the compact motorbike, with convex curves and beautiful lines filled.

One very important thing that I was aiming was to not make structural changes to the frame. Being the T3 California a motorcycle of great historical value, however, I wanted to keep the possibility to replace the bike to its original state. That said, to make it appear the short bike but without cutting the frame, I built the tail he throw in the frame. Even the construction of the tank and side panels is designed so as not to make structural changes to the original T3. The instrumentation was incorporated inside the tank. Headlight cashed in a specially constructed fairing has allowed to have a very compact and clean line, for this reason also the handlebar has been specially constructed so as to hold the line of the motorcycle very low.

The engine has been completely cleaned, polished in parts and overhauled course as well as gearbox and transmission, the rest is something that happens in all my motorcycles. I do not like motorcycles only beautiful to look at but then can not be used to travel many kilometers Even the exhaust was carried out on my design specifically for this bike, in collaboration with the MASS
Moto. The exhaust is omologated and has the inside of silencers that give it the appearance of two drag pipes free, but you actually have an optimal technical function for the engine and for performance. Marzocchi rear shock absorbers adjustable gas, support rear caliper aluminum, aluminum motor mount, brake discs 300 lighter, a leather handbag and many other details round off the bike.

The motorcycle is for sale now!

Report by officinerossopuro.it

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