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From Saints inception our aim has been to design the strongest single layer denim on the planet. - Unbreakable - When we started this project - our initial go to in the design process was Kevlar - and we made some great single layer fabrics on a Kevlar base.

However, when it came to single layer strength it was a struggle to meet industry CE safety standards. We didn’t want the bulk of two layers required by other brands.

15 times stronger than steel

Dragging motorcycle safety technology into the future meant going deeper. It was during this research phase that we discovered the worlds strongest fibre Dyneema. Dyneema is a version of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene – A high density material that can be spun like cotton, is great to wear and enabled us to realise our vision of single layer CE 13595 certified motorcycle safety denim. Research and development is our DNA and we know what can be achieved with our Dyneema foundation and new protective fabric technologies is just at the beginning!

The facts on Dyneema

  • World’s strongest fibre
  • Dyneema is up to 5 times stronger than a para-aramids
  • 15 times stronger than steel
  • Shockingly lightweight it can float on water
  • Naturally cooling
  • Impact and burst resistant

How we apply it

We create all day wearable apparel that allow the freedom to look as good on your bike as you do off it with world first protection. Instead of placing bulky layers and liners into the jean we’ve woven Dyneema® fibre into the warp and weft creating a complete single layer that looks just like regular denim, is just as light as regular denim, only upto 200 times longer lasting while conforming to CE 13595 level 1 testing standards with over 6 seconds abrasion resistance.

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