Action in Cambodia

An immensely fun, scenic and cultural motorbike tour that gives the option to tackle a variety of rocky terrain, mud and winding mountain roads….

Malamadre Motorcycles conquering Bali

Conquering Bali

A brand born an established in Bali, Indonesia in the Summer of 2015, out of the concept, emotional but also functional custom motorcycles.

Tested: Honda’s 2017 MY Bikes

There are days were riding a motorcycle is the purest form of joy and freedom … and there is German spring weather. That doesn’t mean we weren’t having any fun at Honda’s press days where the complete model range was presented to an interested crowd of bikers.

Lea’s Adventures: Nepal On Two Wheels

I’m looking pretty forward to visiting Nepal. As much as I had no big clue about some countries that I traveled to, as much there are always coming the same pictures to my mind when imagining Nepal: mountains, Buddha, Everest.