Tour Auto 2017: Meet Veldt’s Beautiful Hommage Helmets

For the 26th Tour Auto, the organizers of the classic car rally wanted to pay an hommage to French makes that are no longer in production.
Many of them took paart in the original event including the likes of CG, Delahaye, Facel Vega, Hotchkiss, Jide, Pichon Parat, René Bonnet, Salmson, Simca without forgetting the famous Panhards and DBS created by Charles Deutsch and René Bonnet.

Along these lines and for this special occasion, Veldt will release a very limited run of its Mark1, decorated in the French „Tricolore“ theme, glossy gradient blue with a red outline turning into white text „Tour Auto 2017“. The helmet is made out of a carbon fiber shell with a black lamb leather interior.

Discover the helmets here

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