1915 Harley-Davidson J Model

This 1915 Harley Davidson Model J competed in the 2010 Motorcycle Cannonball coast-to-coast endurance run.

One of very few motorcycles to receive a perfect score, it covered all 3,294 miles without a breakdown. This bike is ready for the next Cannonball and is a dependable weekend rider. This Model J has been upgraded to include a new Morris solid-state ZEV magneto that has only registered test miles, as well as a 1916 transmission with all shafts running on needle bearings. The transmission was used for ease of starting due to competition high-compression pistons and a 4-inch stroke.

Additional enhancements include front and rear drop-center wheels for safety, which will accept modern tires, a front brake assembly and custom-made rear brake assembly with Knucklehead brake shoes, giving the bike impressive braking power. This machine retains its 1915 backing plate and sports a 2.5-gallon auxiliary gas tank that helps give the Model J a 190-mile fuel range. It also has an ultra-rare original jeweled headlight with internal LED light, rear brake light with internal battery, Fred Lang front and rear wheel hubs with sealed bearings and a later clutch with caged bearings, Kevlar clutch plates and custom-made heavy-duty springs. Mounted on the right-hand side of this Model J is a DLX20 1.25-inch carburetor with air horn and M racing intake manifold—lending a racer’s touch for ease of adjustment without worrying about a burnt hand.

Other features include Truitt and Osborn steel flywheels, late twin-cam connecting rods, new valves, electric-start adapter and rear foot pegs. This Harley-Davidson had competed in other endurance runs, taking first place at the 2013 Pewter Run and the 2013 Kickstart Classic. This bike appears in several videos of 2010 Cannonball competition that were filmed by Buzz Kanter, editor of “American Iron” magazine.

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