1952 Vincent Black Shadow Series C

The Vincent Black Shadow: was there ever a more evocative motorcycle name? It’s on everyone’s list of must-have machines, and everyone’s Top 10 most collectible street bikes; and this one is a stunning restoration.

When Philip Vincent made a super sports version of his postwar Rapide model—a superb machine that already held the lofty distinction of being the fastest production motorcycle in the world—he called it the Black Shadow. Nobody knows where Vincent came up with the name, but it didn’t matter. It was the perfect name for what was to become a legendary machine. Branding, as it’s known today, is the art of creating imagery that’s remembered, and the Black Shadow name is better known than the motorcycle itself. The Black Shadow was a carefully hand-assembled version of the Rapide, plus a few minor parts changes, which added up to a more than 120 MPH top speed and an instant reputation as an unbeatable Hot Rod on the road.

With its black engine cases and spooky name, the Black Shadow was also an incredible visual statement, besides being the new “World’s Fastest Motorcycle.” Hard to beat that combination, isn’t it? This 1951 Vincent Black Shadow is an all-matching-numbers Series C model with Girdraulic forks. It was originally dispatched to Vincent dealers Maiiars, Mitcham in the United Kingdom on May 10, 1951—note that it’s titled as a 1952 model. It retains all the chassis and crankcase parts it left the factory with, including the swingarm, and has been gorgeously restored. The engine received a comprehensive overhaul by renowned Vincent expert Rip Tragle, and is ready to ride and enjoy. A rider’s handbook is included to help the new owner orient him or herself with this piece of history. It’s truly a stunning machine, and at the top of everyone’s list.

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