1955 Maserati 125 Tipo T2 By Artcurial

Maserati is a magical name in the world of vintage cars but it is still surrounded by mystery in the world of motorcycles. These small motorcycles were produced by the “Fabbrica Candele Accumulatori Maserati S.p.A.”, a subsidiary of the Orsi group, which manufactured candles, batteries, light bulbs, etc. for the automotive and motorcycle industry.

In Italy in the 1950s, the demand for economical means of transport was very high and that was all it took for the company to start building small motorcycles. Derived from the DKW RT 125, the 125 Typo T2 is the first machine produced by Maserati. This 1955 model was long registered in the Aquila region before being restored in 2012. It is powered by a two-stroke single-cylinder engine. Mated to a 24 mm dia. carburetor, the single cylinder developed 6.8 horsepower and was supposed to power the T2 at 100 km/h. This small machine was often used by private drivers on city to city races such as the “Milano-Tarento”. With a prestigious name and representative of a booming Italian industry, this Maserati is particularly attractive.

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