1956 BSA Gold Star By Mecum

This is a beautiful BSA Gold Star racer from the pinnacle of British racing success in the U.S. The Gold Star name saw racing success in the 1930s and was revived for BSA’s all-around sporting single-cylinder machine, replete with a distinctive aluminum cylinder and head and a gold star badge on the tank.

While the first postwar Goldies, the models ZB33 and 34, were mainly used for trials and scrambles competition, the introduction of the Clubman’s TT at the Isle of Man gave a new venue for the sporting single, and from 1947-56 the BSA Gold Star Clubman was developed into an increasingly effective road racer. The Clubman’s TT was dropped in 1956, as the highly developed DB32 and DBD34 Gold Stars had come to totally dominate the race from 1954, earning the majority of top 10 finishes in both the 350cc and 500cc classes. American riders certainly noticed that a guaranteed 42 HP big-single racer was available from England, and Gold Stars became a common sight on all American tracks by the early 1950s. In 1954, the BSA factory decided to send a special fleet of Gold Star singles and Star twins to Daytona, with the effort organized by competition manager Roland Pike and factory race-shop mechanic and tuner Ceral Halliberne. Their efforts were well rewarded, as the BSAs swept the board at the 200-mile race on Daytona Beach that year, with Bobby Hill winning, Dick Klamfoth taking second and Tommy McDermott coming in third. BSA Gold Stars continued to shine at Daytona, whether on the sand or (after 1960) on the new banked oval. This 1956 BSA DBD34 Gold Star is in beautifully restored condition and features many of the signature racing components from the era, including flanged alloy rims, a sweptback exhaust pipe and short megaphone, and the enormous 1.5-inch Amal GP racing carb. This is a show-or-go motorcycle, capable of terrific speed in vintage events, or suitable for simply admiring as a stunning Gold Star.

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