1957 Brütsch Mopetta By RM Sothebys

Those of us involved in the collector car hobby were probably attracted to the hobby for a variety of reasons.

But chief among them is likely to be the fact that we find our chosen hobby great fun. And if fun were epitomised by any car, then this 1957 Brütsch Mopetta is it.

Brütsch was best known for producing a variety of microcar designs, with only a small number of each ever produced. Brütsch Mopetta production was limited to around 14 units, so rarity is instantly guaranteed. Boasting a 30-mph top speed, powered by a 50-cc two-stroke engine, this Brütsch Mopetta is perhaps the most famous in existence.

Previously in the collection of microcar specialist Malcolm Goldsworthy, this car has never been restored and is highly original throughout, considered by many to be the most famous and complete surviving, unrestored Mopetta. Featured in many books and magazines, it completed one of the slowest laps ever around Goodwood during the 2006 Revival. Presently road-registered in the UK and in good running condition, this Brütsch Mopetta represents probably the most fun on three wheels and will act as a constant reminder of why we love our hobby as we do.

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Report by rmsothebys.com