1964 DKW HUMMEL 115 For Sale

In the 1960s, conventional design was being challenged.

The German-manufactured DKW joined the “Swinging ‘60s” party, when its commuter-designed moped Hummel, which had been around since 1956, was reinvented with futuristic body panels and a large cowling over the engine. “Hummel” is the German word for bumblebee.

Engine: 50 CC
VIN/Serial: 1151003642


  • Founded in Germany by Danish engineer Jorgan Skafte Rasmussen
  • In 1919 Jorgen added a 2-stroke engine to a motorcycle and named it Das Klein Wunder ‘the little marvel’
  • German based production ceased in 1966
  • older restoration
  • 50cc 2HP
  • Comes with DKW factory inspection card and owners manual, both in German

Report by mecum.com