1970 Laverda 750 SF

The SF was manufactured by Laverda from 1970 to 1978. Its origins dated back to the mid 1960s, the first model being unveiled at the London Motor Show in 1966.

It was a single-cam 650 cc twin. The 750 SF (Super Freni, super brakes) entered production in 1970. The bike was equipped with drum brakes which featured a fan to improve their cooling during demanding use. Another modification related to the frame, which was lowered and had less of an angle on the head tube. The bike was extremely successful thanks to its style, cutting-edge mechanics and good performance. From a technical point of view, it featured a single-cam air-cooled four-stroke parallel twin angled forwards by 25°, with two valves per cylinder and twin Dell’Orto VHB 30 A carbs.

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