1981 Ducati TT2 GPM By Mecum

This Hot Rod TT2 Ducati racer is a fantastic example of the factory’s racing effort with its new Pantah motors, Dr. Fabio Taglioni’s last engine design. The Pantah was introduced in 1980 in 500cc form as a replacement for the failed parallel twins of 1976.


And, of course, enthusiastic factory employees immediately developed the Pantah engine for racing. Franco Farne bored two engines to 583cc and tuned them to race in the Italian Junior Championship in 1980. They used the standard 500SL frame but had uprated forks and shocks, as well as red and yellow bodywork reminiscent of the 900 NCR racers. With 70 HP at 9,800 RPM, the desmo-head twins were very competitive, but they needed chassis improvements. The TT2 racer followed in 1981, and Taglioni designed a new trellis frame—built by Verlicchi—that weighed only 18 pounds, though was still very strong and provided essential rider feedback at cornering limits.

The engine bolted to the frame in four places and acted as a stressed member of the chassis, while the engine was further developed by boring it out to 597cc and tuning it for 76 HP at 10,700 RPM. The TT2 was sharp as a knife, very fast and weighed only 187 pounds, making it an awesome track weapon. Sauro Pazzaglia won the first race of the Italian TTF2 series at Misano, while Massimo Broccoli won the 1981 Italian TTF2 championship. In Britain, Tony Rutter entered the Isle of Man TTF2 race that year with his own machine prepared by Steve Wynne and Pat Slinn, which averaged 101.91 MPH in the race. The factory provided Rutter with a new machine for the Ulster F2 race that year, which he won in very stormy conditions and thus won the World F2 Championship for Ducati. The following year, Walter Cussigh won every race of the Italian TTF2 Championship and Rutter repeated his World Championship in the TTF2 series.

This 1981 Ducati TT2 from GPM Racing has a long racing history, with riders including Davide Tardozzi and Fabio Barchetta. It’s believed maybe three of these factory racing motorcycles constructed in 1981 are left from the GPM racing team in Sossano when it was under the management of Pietro Gianesin. This bike currently has a 750cc TT1 motor (ZDM 750 1763) mounted on the bike, but the original 600cc TT2 motor is included in the sale and is currently in parts with a crack in the crankcase. This is a one-of-three-built motorcycle from the Ducati factory’s amazing TT2 racing era, which heralded a new age to come of trellis-framed racers.

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