1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Canepa Design

Disassembled and completely redesigned and rebuilt to resemble a customized 1940’s – 1950’s motorcycle. Every single component was modified or customized to enhance the old school theme. The result is a perfect blend of modern performance and handling combined with the look of 1950’s custom.

Frame and Swing Arm

All joints, seams, and castings were ground smooth. Unused brackets were removed. Seams were welded for added strength. The Upper and lower steering head, seat bracket, and swing arm tube castings were re-shaped and finished.

Engine and Transmission

“Panhead” style rocker boxes were added along with a Crane cam, Mikuni carburetor, Screaming Eagle ignition and air filter assembly. The heads, intake manifold, cylinders and engine cases were re-finished in mat black.

Report by canepa.com