A Labor Of Love: Project Angel By Industrial Moto

One of the many people who thought project GUS was awesome is a Youtube Vlogger and former US Marine out off Texas. He has a younger brother Nick who suffers from Angelman Syndrome – a nervous system disorder that prevents most “normal” activity and movement. He tries to include his brother in as many activities as he can but until now, riding a motorcycle has not been one of them. A very special version of project GUS is about to change that.

Industrial Moto waived the labor costs and his followers from around the country came together through a Go Fund Me project to cover the cost of parts, materials and shipping his Grom to us here in VA. The creative wheels started turning. Some local kids were enlisted as models to ensure the design would work and a person could fit properly. Safety issues were discussed and resolved and the final product started to emerge. About two months of bending, tweaking, cutting, grinding, fitting, and powder coating later, project Angel was shipped back to Texas.

This project was definitely a labor of love for all involved and industrial Moto is proud to have had the opportunity to play a part in it. They all hope that their efforts can help to bring some joy to the client and his brother and to provide an experience they will never forget.

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