Artride 2019 At Biarritz Wheels And Waves 2019

The Artride is back in Biarritz, in the new skatepark close to the Cité de l’Océan! 

1400m2 of raw concrete architecture where works of talented artists will be showcased between exceptional boards and motorcycles. They are photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic artists, performers who will deliver in the spirit of Wheels and Waves their poetic, offbeat and inspiring visions of the world. Discover them below!



He is one of the great “Face” of contemporary art, known for his radical artistic approach that pushes the boundaries of painting and questions the status of the work. For Wheels and Waves, he endorses his dual role as biker and artist and exposes an installation consisting of 2 parts: 1 work + 1 motorcycle. Pure contemporary art!


Fashion, actors photographer and film maker, Richard Aujard is also, and perhaps above all, a man of the land who has been around worldwide to feed his own passion since the 80’s. The world of motorcycle takes a place of choice in his life. At Wheels and Waves 8th edition, he will showcase a series dedicated to bikers including familiar faces such as Michale Hutchence, Steve Jones or Mickey Rourke among others…




Dean Stockton aka D * Face applies methodically to corrupt the American dream behind a stylised iconography, directly inspired by American comics and pop art. The London muralist, a key figure in the international street art scene, will produce a unique fresco in the rock and dark style that is his, to discover exclusively at the Biarritz skatepark.


Humble heir to the action painting and painter of his time, Fabien Bonzi invents the Slidesample, a new abstract writing whose skateboard draws the line. By placing the movement of the body and the trajectory of the board at the heart of the act of painting, his approach evokes a form of dripping, nervous and textured. Between painting and performance, calligraphy and choreography, his practice will be the subject of a happening Thursday, June 13th during Artride opening.


A pioneer of Toulouse graffiti, creator of the Bullrot brand, entrepreneur and designer, Soone is an artist who, after 10 years in China, has returned to France and his first love. Today, he puts his precise mark, ornamental, strongly inspired by Japanese art, on ceramics. A superb exercise of style to see in the Village – Cité de l’Océan where the Artride will also happen.


International reporter and absolute reference of war photography, Yan Morvan recurs by exhibiting at Wheels and Waves for the second time. The exhibition accompanies the publication of the book “Les années de fer. London 1979 – 1981 “published by Serious Publishing. His images of an implacable visual power deliver here an unfiltered vision of the London tribes – punk, mods, skinheads … – under the Thatcher regime.

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