Auto Fabric Type 0.1

Awesome detailed work by Auto Fabrica

The brothers Bujar and Gaz Muharremi of English workshop Auto Fabrica managed to build their first pint-sized mini bike. The Type 0.1 is a stunning bike, which relegates true men into little kids. The Type 0.1 was tackled in the same manner as all their builds were, it was fully rebuild, mechanical elements were restored, and the rest was finished in a tasteful painstaking way.

Based on an old Italian Franco Morini engine, a single-speed, 50cc single-stroke, it was completely stripped down and the frame was shortened and looped in their typical special style. Bujar and Gaz mounted custom rear shocks, retrofitted front forks from a more modern mini bike and equipped the bike with a new set of knobby tires. Check out the gallery and the video. Maybe a new trend?

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