Auto Fabrica’s Type-1

The first motorcycle created by Auto Fabrica. The project started as one of passion and a desire to create a motorcycle that both perfectly realised the production of a concept sketch and was able to be ridden. It was always the intention to be creative, learn new processes and prove concepts can become a reality if designed and built in harmony.

This motorcycle is still in Auto Fabrica’s ownership and displayed as a bookmark of the company’s history in the AF Headquarters.

  • Model : Kawasaki GT550
  • Frame : Lightened + De-Lugged
  • Engine : Fully rebuilt Exhaust: 4 into 4 Custom exhaust
  • Suspension : Front uprated internals Rear uprated shocks
  • Wheels : 18″ rear 19″ front
  • Bodywork : Steel tank Aluminium seat Front aluiminium fender
  • Colour + Trim : Gunmetal paint with exposed brushed metal Black secondary panels Silver detailing. Brown leather.

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