Autofabrica’s Type 7x

Designed to be the ultimate Type 7, the ‘X’ pushes the adventure bike into the realms of the high profile one-off Auto Fabrica builds.

A totally unique off-road style has been adopted, with real function leading the basis of the project, with the form being integrated; highlighting and enhancing the function. The high, up-swept trials bike style exhaust plays with the well known AF trademark sand bent exhaust allowing this bike to wade through deep water. To allow this function, three elements to cool the pipe near the riders leg were integrated, a standard perforated guard is in place to stop direct contact with the pipe, with a secondary organically shaped heat shield in place too, the pipe is also coated in a specially developed ceramic coating to transfer heat to the exhaust outlet rather than radiating in the material, finally a cool air channel runs through the right hand side of the tank to not only allow fresh air to run past the riders leg but keeps the fuel away from the hot areas. This gives the bike a unique asymmetrical aesthetic and allowed the hand made tank and elements to be shaped outside of the usual rules book.

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Refinement in every area and attention to detail complete this build and has already inspired new commissions and builds.

  • Model : Yamaha SR500
  • Frame : Lightened + De-Lugged + rear loop modification
  • Engine : Fully rebuild Electrics: New wiring loom Uprated headlight and tailight Led indicators
  • Exhaust: Hand bent steel with Ceramic coating
  • Suspension : Front uprated internals Rear uprated shocks
  • Wheels: 18″ Front, 18″ Rear Relaced with stainless steel spokes
  • Bodywork : One-off hand made aluminium tank, hand trimmed seat, hand made Aluminium front and rear fenders hand sculpted Aluminium exhaust guard
  • Colour + Trim : Unique Grey/Green paintwork,  Black suede seat with brushed aluminium detail

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