Badass Bikers From The 70s – Gallery Ahead

Just too much 1970s Biker badass goodness to not go sequel on y’all, and in full color no less, bros and bras.
Check the great ozone fade in a lot of these old pics that have been used and abused, and finally landing here for prosperity.  I’m honored to give them a home. While I’m at it–  also revisiting custom bike legend Jeff McCann.  His awesome archive of work has been lovingly featured on TSY before to mad fanfare, as it should.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Roberta Pedon on a Panhead chopper. Not many are fit to print, I’m glad to have this lil’ gem.– “Run to the Redwoods” Jeff McCann’s run featured in this 1974 Custom Chopper magazine. “While I claim no credit for the success of the “Redwood Run” in later years, I was the one who was it’s initiator. Bob Dron was at “The Run to the Redwoods” and is the guy parked by the side of the road watching the passing bikes in the first photo above the title. 4 years later he purchased the Oakland Harley-Davidson dealership from the surviving Self brother. At the Northern California Dealers meetings he began lobbying for a revival of the TTT event and suggested they follow the format I had established, ie. live band, food and drink provided and use the same (now improved) campsite. When it was finally approved sometime later he called and told me they had decided to call it the “Redwood Run”, a slight variation on the nameI used. The call was a courtesy to see if I objected and of course I did not.
I attended the first event and for many years afterward. As the run grew in popularity it became profitable to a small degree. The dealers had begun contracting with the local Kiwanis Club for all site services. The local sheriff announced the dealers where going to have to begin paying for his departments “overtime” costs incurred by policing the event, to the tune of $40,000, the dealers canceled the event. The very next year the Kiwanis took out ads in several newspapers and motorcycle magazines and announced the continuation of the “Redwood Run” just as everyone had known it before.”. Jeff McCann Awesome Old School Arlen Ness Harley-Davidson Digger. Julie on Chopped CHP Harley Shovelhead built by the legendary Jeff McCann. “This was one of the many CHP bikes we bought at auction in Sacramento. Most we resold to shop customers but several we chopped and rode as shop bikes, then sold. We had a used vehicle dealers license and sometimes sold customer bikes on consignment. This is one of the few bikes I didn’t paint as I was busy traveling to socal on buying trips and overseeing two retail stores plus the wholesale/mail order business. That’s a 20 over Wayne engineering girder fork with a Santee 21” half brake front wheel. These tiny brakes were useless but satisfied the vehicle law requiring brakes at both axles on bikes manufactured after 1965 (current law in 1973). Paughco Mustang tank, oil tank and pipes, our own “butt bucket” seat made by Cheetah Engineering of socal.” Jeff McCann


1970s Daytona Beach Couple on Chopper. –Image by © Jean-Yves Ruszniewski 1970s Daytona Beach Trike Madness. –Image by © Jean-Yves Ruszniewski 1973 Daytona Beach, Florida Chopper Beach Ridin’ –Image by © Jonathan Blair

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