A Beast With Style: Tamarit Motorcycles’ “Muralla”

The motorcycle named as Muralla has been the most significant project for Tamarit Motorcycles, not only for being the most beautiful motorcycle they ever made or the project with most impact, but also for 2 reasons: first, because it was the first motorcycle from the Triumph new generation worked by Tamarit ever, and second, because of the final meaning that this motorcycle had, a 30 day journey from Alicante to China. By the end of 2015 we met David Gavina, Alicante Triumph Club president, a truly motorcycle passionated, someone who rides 1000 km on a single morning pretending this is like a walk in the park. All his adventures were already known: Morocco, a Spanish Tour, the North Cape, Alicante-South Africa journey… and one day on Tamarit Motorcycles, having a chat and some beers with friends, someone from the Tamarit Crew said: “Next journey David, you’ll ride a motorcycle worked by us”.

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A couple of days after, David turned up in the Tamarit Motorcycles headquarters, and propose us something that haunted him for quite a long time: An Alicante to China journey through the famous Silk Route, 30,000 kilometers only in 30 days and completely on his own. The journey wouldn’t be riding his Triumph Tiger but a neoclassic Triumph prepared by Tamarit Motorcycles. The proposal was more than tempting, no one attempted to make that trip alone and with a Triumph Bonneville, but David’s safety was the main priority.

The Tamarit Team tried to convince David not to do this journey, because the route is a very dangerous one, taking into account the uncertain situations that some of the countries might offer : countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, the whole Turkestan region…etc and on top of that, completely alone. In the end, David ignored all warnings and carried on with the adventure. First thing Tamrit Motorcycles did, was to communicate Triumph Spain the great feat to carry out. Initially they didn’t pay much attention, but finally a little collaboration happened. Once the Bonneville T120 was purchased to carry out the adventure, the phase of preparing the Triumph motorcycle began. Obviously the result should be a Tamarit motorcycle: an urban motorcycle, comfortable for the city-ride and beautiful, but never a motorcycle built and ready for such kind of adventure as a Triumph Explorer or Triumph Tiger.

The first part to install was the “Ibiza” seat, we wanted a concept like our former seat Tarifa, but on this case we provide it more high. As its predecessor would be a seat manufactured in polyurethane for a guaranteed comfort, ready for two people and with a little tail coming with the LED pilot light. Later on the time for the muffler came, we loved the look of the Bocanegra exhaust, but this time, instead of being 2 in 1 , would be only the mufflers and one on each side. A stainless steel sump guard, a short fender, protective headlight grill   and side covers were some of the parts developed for this project.

We couldn’t forget the difficulty of this journey, 1000 kilometers legs and distances with no chance to refuel of more than 400 kilometers so, we worked on the practical area of the motorcycle as well, without set the esthetic aside. A set of carriers were developed so David could transport his equipment, two 5 liter canisters were adapted on both sides of the motorcycle, tires were changed from regular to mixed, a cross handlebar with holders to set the cellphone and GPS and a powerstrip to charge all kind of devices.

Only the esthetic part was left : paintjob, upholstery, leather grips, rims and turning signals. The outcome was a total achievement, so they only had to wait for the departure date and hope things would go as David expected.

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