Because Heritage Matters

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When Virage8 team was offered the opportunity to be one of the very first teams to test ride all the bikes of BMW Motorrad Heritage family, we had no hesitation but to hit the road, together. And enjoy it !

Heritage is not a light word for BMW Motorrad. It pulls from the brand genes back in 1923 when the very first BMW motorcycle was produced. A sense of simplicity and efficiency where every single detail of the motorbike is designed to its specific function.

R NineT, R Nine T Pure, R Nine T Scrambler, R NineT Urban GS, R NineT Racer are all designed to a specific use and style, yet they are all very versatile. They encompass the heritage from former generations of numerous BMW motorcycles enthusiasts.

Heritage is what we inherited from generations before us. The knowledge that was developed throughout the ages by generations of persons who invested their heads and their hearts into making a difference ; and the souvenir of great experiences while riding on the open road and meeting other people.

We have been enthused by the days we spent with these five motorcycles. And when the time came to bring them back to the garage, we were left with great memories.

Report by Virage8

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