BMW R100R Mystic

The R100R Mystic started in the pursuit of the perfect model. Vincent Degano wanted to pick the perfect motorcycle for customization and the R100R was perfect as it features an iconic engine and is easy to fit wider tires into. Then he found it, a daily commute bike who had reliably transported a teacher for 15 years to work and back.

The bike was then stripped to its bare essentials. Engine was disassembled to check which parts needed reworking and rebuilding. The valves, cylinders and joints were revamped entirely. A new charging system was installed and the old radiator was removed for aesthetic reasons. Instead of the air box, KN filters were installed along with new carburetors after ultrasound cleaning of the engine. All engine fluids were drained and joints were replaced before the engine rebuild.

Aesthetically, the bike received numerous upgrades that started with a 2010 Triple Speed front fork because Vincent was set on Brembo radial brakes. This forced him to manufacture a custom axis steering column. The wheels took a lot of time and reworking as he wanted to keep the original BMW rims and add 320mm Triumph discs; which were customized with machined aluminum. Tires are “Avon Storm3D” 120 and 160. Braking is provided by a 16mm BMW master cylinder as well as air tubing tailor made by “Silver Performance”. The front fender is handmade to fit the clean café racer look. The “Bates” headlight is held in a custom aluminum housing. The handlebars are LSL with Biltwell grips.

The rear frame is entirely reworked and built out of steel; in a custom fiber shell by “Bike Composite 61”. This new shell allows for the new “Solise” battery to neatly tuck inside without crowding the look of the motorcycle. The seat is custom fitted and upholstered by “Krisalide Saddlery”. In the back, LED turn signals and a Motogadget rear light takes the place of the regular lights. The exhaust is a “Megaton” wrapped in black thermal tape.

Now the most striking part of this motorcycle; it’s copper color .The bike was sanded and painted over a resin base with copper powder. Frame, carburetors, fork and damper springs are in the copper color while the front fender and wheels are coated in a shiny black color. The stripped engine was repainted in satin black and the tank and rear shell are fully chromed.

The bike features a unique eye-catching look and has an excellent riding position. It is also powered by the historic and charismatic BMW flat-twin that proves to be as reliable and performing as its modern counterparts.

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