Cafe Racer – The Pleasure of Naked Sport Bikes

Freed from any unnecessary ballast, the Cafe Racer has developed in recent years in the worldwide motorcycle community to an object of desire

The purist driving machine is their focus, the youth is stripping down grandpa’s old touring BMW and is reanimating by using old parts from different motorcycles such as a Yamaha SR 500, customizers and bike designers are constantly developing more sophisticated interpretations of the youthful driving machine. However, the focus of this subculture is not “higher, faster, further” as propagated by the motorcycle industry since ever. It is more the reduction to the essentials, clear lines and straightforward technique that may sometimes has to be a bit older.

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The 225 x 220 mm in size hardcover book tells the story of the café racer – from its roots in the 1950’s London through to the rediscovery of the sporty naked bikes in the 2010s. It gives a flashback to the old British motorcycle nobility, provides an overview of the cult events around the rustically Sports Equipment, shows legendary series racers from then until now and more than 100 fascinating unique projects on 208 pages.

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