1964 BMW R60/2 By Anthony Godin

Introduced in 1960 the R60/2 was slightly more powerful at 30hp than its 28hp R60 predecessor, while the power output is not particularly impressive the durability and smoothness and torque of the 600cc boxer engine is.

Imz-Ural’s “Gear Up“

Ural was originally founded in 1941, tasked with building sidecar motorcycles to help aid the military in WWII. After the war ended, motorcyclists fell…

1953 Indian Chief By Yesterdays

With its massive skirted fenders, locomotive-like torque, and “last-of-the-breed” heritage, the ’53 Chief is surely one of the most collectible of Indians.

1967 Jawa/Eso Factory Ice Racer

This exceptional rare 1967 Factory Jawa Ice Racer is offered at the 2019 Las Vegas auction from January 22-27. To register to bid, visit the…

1964 BSA Rocket

Following Triumph’s lead, BSA turned to unitary construction for its range of twins as the 1960s dawned, launching the all-new 500cc A50 and 650cc A65 in January 1962.