Custom V-Twin: XBUELL

Great work takes time, especially when a project is so close to your heart like Paolo Tex’s idea of building a special custom Buell.

The idea for that arose already in 2015. Paolo has long been fascinated by the American V-twins for their exaggerated proportions, strong personality and innovations (tank in the frame, oil tank in the rear swing arm…).

The XBUELL was built in 18 months of hard work, of which 12 focused on aesthetic and design development, all performed strictly with the help of 3D software. On a motorcycle, style and functionality always go hand in hand: every aesthetic element must be in perfect harmony with the mechanical one and vice versa. So Paolo scanned the bike to its smallest details to avoid having any surprises in the later assembly.

A big effort has gone into the redo of the electrical system which is normally located at the bike’s front. The headlight seems to be “leaning” on the front tire and gives the bike an aggressive and unusual appearance while the structure supporting the slender rear body remains partially exposed to the sides and becomes a style element. The large conventional battery is replaced by a small lithium specification and is located in the special saddle compartment also made with 3D print technology.

The 2 front air inlets at the sides of the fuel filler allow the filter to breathe fresh air while the 2 rear nostrils allow a free flow of all heat generated by the rear cylinder.

To make all his ideas come true, Paolo invested in a 3D printer, the Playmarker 2 of the Italian I3D, which allowed him to recreate every single plastic in-house. Therefore, there is no waste of material and if you have done a good job at CAS, everything “comes back” without any surprises.

As with his former Monster Ducati project, Paolo will offer everything as a kit in order to sell it, so make sure you keep an eye on the progress.

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