Diamond Atelier’s “Groot”

Shortly after the team at Diamond Atelier relaunched the Mark II’s next generation model, the ‘Evo’ they are about to add just another bike to their small family of series bikes.

To make things perfectly clear: We will always produce our unique “DA#” builds or cooperation builds. These projects shape our brand, they are what we live for. They are radical, aggressive and set the bar higher one notch at a time. Sometimes we come up with concept in our mind at 3am and eventually turn it into reality the day after if necessary. We can never foresee what the exact outcome on our DA# builds will be, since the best ideas happen spontaneously.

Since the beginning of Diamond Atelier they kept receiving emails such as „do you also build scramblers?“, „how about bikes with high bars and knobby tires?“, „what’s with a more off road build?”. But back in that time they knew they first have to shape a signature style before going broad. Finally, the time has come for Diamond Atelier to increase their product portfolio.

Here comes the “Groot”

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