Discover Portugal With Freeridespirit

Freeride Spirit knows a lot about Portugal, and shares the passion for adventure, nature and great motorbikes.

Freeridespirit designed exclusive and exciting itineraries to give you an unforgettable motorbiking experience, at the same time you discover the hidden beauties of Portugal. Designed by ex-riders to give you all the pleasure, adrenaline and rush of a great ride, while enjoying all the best food, accommodations and experiences that Portugal has to offer.

Every route is designed to the most adventurous, with offroad alternatives to choose along the course. And all of this with a KTM Adventure Travel Bike. Great off road machines with travel capabilities. Europe’s biggest manufacturer of motorbikes , used to crossing countries and continents with speed, style and luxury.

With the help from their team, the bike will be kitted/customized with the maximum comfort possible that a motorcycle can have (heated grips, adaptation of the motorcycle to the height and the weight of the rider), and everything else that can make your ride more exciting.

Freeridespirit combines the best of the country, with the best bikes, to give you the best experience and a real taste of adventure.

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