Django Vintage MX Helmet By Deus Ex Machina

Due to safety reasons, helmets are strictly non-refundable.
It is absolutely imperative that measurements be closely looked at before purchase.

Introducing the Deus NUTSHELLS collection.

A carefully curated offering of lids, designed to appeal to any rider – the three-piece collection comprises a traditional full-face, a vintage MX and an open-face model.

Safety first … each helmet is DOT & ECE certified and manufactured using high-quality fiberglass outer construction. Each design incorporates multiple shell sizing, to ensure a snug fit across the size grade, and are all goggle and glasses compatible.

Designed to protect your neck, your noggin, and all the squishy bits in between.

The collection embraces all our favorite vintage design features and finishes, across some classic styles – we’ve thrown in some bright paintwork, classic logo branding and made most of them 3 snap retro visor compatible, making it easy to mix it up where you want.

All the comfort, reliability and safety of a modern helmet, with the nostalgia and look of a vintage lid – get your head into a NUTSHELL today.

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